100 percent of Skyway 10K proceeds will benefit the AFFF, going directly toward projects to support military families.

We all know that the first line of support for our troops is their families. Oftentimes those family members don’t have the support they need to endure the difficulties surrounding months or years of deployment. The Armed Forces Families Foundation was established to help give these families a sense of community support and well-being while their loved ones are away fighting for our freedom.

100 percent of all donations received are used to fund projects to support the families of our service men and women.

The Armed Forces Families Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that utilizes 100 percent of funds to give back to local communities to support military families. With over $2.5 million raised, the AFFF strives to continue to make a difference in our military communities. 

Our commitment has led to the completion of multiple projects that will benefit the families of our service men and women for years to come. Our focus is primarily on areas of significant need which often fall outside the tight budget constraints of the military and its family support organizations. All funds remain local so donors can see their dollars at work.