Inspired by our friends from Across the Bridge 10K, we are proud to announce that the Skyway 10K will be completely cup-less. This means there will be no paper water cups available between the start and the finish line. This helps keep the Tampa Bay beautiful by reducing waste, while also ensuring that all participants and volunteers are safe.


Participants WILL have access to water in the start area and in self-serve refill stations throughout the course. At the finish line, Skyway 10K will then provide each athlete with a bottle of water. 

Participants will be allowed to bring water bottles up to 24 oz, but they must be clear containers. All participants are responsible for carrying their own bottles from start to finish, as there will be no trash cans on the bridge. Handheld containers can include a bike bottle, a handheld running bottle, or any type of non-glass water bottle. 

If participants do not have a water bottle on them during the race, they may still safely drink water from the cup-less water station which works similar to a water fountain (seen in the image above).